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Tashkent: past and present Kukeldash madrasah Main fridays mosque Sheikhantaur Earthquake of 1966 Pushkin's street Square in new city Sail'goh street Theatre square Temples of christian faiths
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Present square of Amir Temur was founded in front of a building of Turkistan military district staff under the initiative of the second general - governor of region - M. G. Chernjaev in 1882 under the name of Konstantinovsk square. Originally it was carriageway.

Konstantinovskiy square at the beginning of 20-th c.

May 4, 1913 in the center of square, where Moscow and Kaufman prospectuses crossed, were established a monument to the first Turkistan general - governor K. P. fon Kaufmann (1818-1882) under I. G. Shleyfer's project.

Memorial to General Kaufman

After revolution of 1917 this monument was destroyed, there was only a granite pedestal with a banner, and around installed guns, taken in a fortress during October events.

One of former monuments One of former monuments

In 1919-1926 there was monument "Sickle and Hammer" on this place, simultaneously served as tribune. It was made in fashionable constructivism style of that time.

One of former monuments One of former monuments

By decade of revolution the column with a dome and an inscription in two languages appeared here: " October - a leading light of world revolution. 1917-1927 ". But as the inscription in Uzbek was executed in Arabian font, in 1929 the column should be removed because of ideological reasons.

One of former monuments

In its place for very shirt period (spring 1930) there was a ridiculous propaganda complex with V. I. Lenin's bust and an appeal " Five-year plan in 4 years! ".

Agitation section at the centre of the square

In the beginning of 30th years the remains of a pedestal of first of the monuments established here in surrounding of serf instruments continued to occupy the center of square.

Remains of one of former monuments

Before the Second World War It was decided to remove and again to transform square into carriageway crossroads of the same two streets which now are known as Engels and Marx.

Crossroads at the center of the square

At the end of 40th years when the anniversary of I.V.Stalin was widely celebrated in the country, the free crossroads on the Tashkent Square accepted a grandiose monument of new Head of the USSR. That was work of known sculptor Merkurov.

Monument of I.V.Stalin in center of square

After XXII congress of the CPSU it was decided to dismantle a monument, and to use a pedestal for memorable Stella with words of the new Program of the CPSU in two languages. Stella received the name "the Russian-Uzbek dictionary" among people.

Picture of life

But in 1968 city authorities decided to alter square again. Under D. Ryabichev's project the monument to the founder of Marxism was established here. In 1995 after achievement of independence by Republic of Uzbekistan this pretentious monument was demounted as not adequate to ideology of the new young state.

Monument of Karl Marx

In the center of the square renamed into square of Amir Timur, bronze horse monument of Amir Timur (1336-1405) - the great statesman and the commander of Middle Ages. This is work of sculptor I. Dzhabbarov.

Monument of Amir Timur
Tashkent: past and present Kukeldash madrasah Main fridays mosque Sheikhantaur Earthquake of 1966 Pushkin's street Square in new city Sail'goh street Theatre square Temples of christian faiths
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